#206 Surprising Hubbie – that smile

I love surprises. Also, I love to give them. Even if I don’t receive surprises myself often, I still love to give them out readily. It gives me a deep, profound happiness when I know that someone I love and care for is happy because of something I have unexpectedly and willingly done, no matter how small the gesture may be.

Today after meeting some of my Mum girlfriends for brunch (Food Review post to arrive by the year 2017) I decided baby girl and I would swing by Hubbie’s work, as we were quite literally going to be driving past his place of vocation on our way home.

I knew he would see us as we passed the window, so I tried to steer her quickly into the Butcher’s shop – only the poor darling tripped as she stepped in, and by then he had  well and truly seen us. I hadn’t caught his initial reaction, but when I looked up at him, he was so happy. Knowing I had brought some unexpected, added joy to his day, made me feel good.

I am grateful for these little moments.

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