#207 Baby girl – milk drunk

Earlier this evening, my plan had been to write about the gratitude aspects of having a hot shower following intense confusion surrounding kitchen renos.

But then, my beautiful daughter happened. As she always happens.

Sitting on the couch beside her as she drank her nightly cup of warm milk, she made a few long slurps, and left a trail of milk running down her chin.

I decided to stir her up a bit by saying “are you milk drunk? Don’t be drunk!”

And then the hilarities began.

She started to giggle, laugh and snort, so loud, that in turn I started to do the whole silent I-can’t-breathe laugh. I told her to calm down and keep drinking her milk, but as she took another sip she snorted through her nose, the way you do when you laugh when you shouldn’t be laughing, and that just set us off all over again.

Hubbie sat lying on the couch, smiling at his two girls, as I spurred her on with “don’t be drunk!” if only to hear that adorable laugh, cackle, contagious giggle. We doubled over ourselves with laughter, almost like we were milk drunk.

I’ve been having some really lovely bonding sessions with baby girl over this weekend, and this episode, was the icing on the cake. Oh man that girl has my heart.


2 thoughts on “#207 Baby girl – milk drunk

    1. Isn’t it the best? 🙂 As we’re laughing often I step back in my mind and take a brief moment to take it in, it’s what makes all the hard moments, so, so worth it. Thanks for much for stopping by 🙂

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