#208 Half a kitchen-clue

Yesterday I had no clue. Today I have some.

Yesterday there was much confusion regarding our new kitchen. Or should I say, our currently very old kitchen in our Sea change house.

Getting in tradies. Getting in quotes. Making them come down, when we are free.

Rescheduling all our appointments and days just so we can drive down again.

Begging the agent to please open the house ‘just one more time.’

Need a U-shaped kitchen. Don’t want an island. Tradie suggests, island.

Ikea kitchen?  Or build it yourself with kitchen specialist?

Still need plasterer. Still need carpenter.

Grrr Argh. What to do?!

Yesterday there were many questions. Today, via the start-of-the-week fresh vibes, amazing morning coffee, and reawakened insight, we’ve managed to make calls to experienced professionals in the art of kitchen creating (i.e. my sister) and boil down our above list to a small one.

Cutting the crap, the unnecessary, will always make you feel good.

It will make you feel grateful. As am I right now.




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