#210 Interest Free!

50 months interest free!

55 months interest free!

60 months interest free!

No monthly payments!

No deposit!

These are all the conveniences bragged about by the big electrical/furniture companies, practically begging you to come on in and lend your credit selves to them, for an indefinite period of time.

I’m surprised there isn’t a business out there promising a gazillion months interest free, no payments or deposit EVER, but all they’ll do is take your first grandchild from you when it arrives, kind of Rumpelstiltskin style.

Despite my tendency to try and avoid credit, loans, or having to promise my first grandchild to anyone, this whole ‘no interest’ deal business is popping up everywhere. And it is so appropriately ideal for us right now, as every time I hear the words “interest free!” blast out of the TV, I turn to Hubbie and go “we need to go there for baby girl’s bed!”

See, buying a house is expensive business. Everything is costly, and money talks. Knowing that we get a slight reprieve by not having to pay upfront for lets say, our kitchen appliances and a big kid bed for baby girl… it provides ample relief.

I strongly advise against borrowing money or taking out loans just so you can ‘have it all.’ I think you need to watch carefully how much you earn, versus how much you spend, and adjust accordingly. You can fall into the credit trap very easily, and it’s not a fun place to be. But I’ve been in the spot, where I’ve been NOT been having it all, when it comes to our kitchen… and gosh damn it, if I need to make monthly repayments for the next 4 years to get that freaking 900mm oven, well I’ll bloody go and do it.

Compromise. As long as you get that term, ‘compromise.’ We’ll be paying off our kitchen for a little while… month by month… That’s commitment of a whole different kind.

But I don’t care. When it’s worth it, for the dream you’ve held for 7 years… it’s bloody well worth it alright.

And there’s no interest, remember? 🙂

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