#211 The blue car

You know the measure of a moment when it comes unexpectedly to you.

In my pyjamas, moving slowly this morning, I left my breakfast preparations and walked into the lounge room to see why baby girl was calling me – placing stickers all over the coffee table, our little Picasso – and looked through the window to see a blue car in the driveway.

My parents. I was all frumpy, hadn’t eaten, felt bleh, and had a full schedule of things to do for the next 4 hours. But I was rapt they had stopped by.

Brekkie was delayed, I stayed in my pjs chatting to them for another hour, and then by the time they left and baby girl and I went to the shops, it was practically lunch time.

But I didn’t care. The appearance of their blue car, of them, had brought me unexpected joy, and just knowing that I won’t be seeing that car arrive unexpectedly at my doorstep in a few months time (our meetings will need to be long-planned, what with the distance between us) it made it all the more sweeter.

Screw schedules, when you get a surprise 🙂


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