#212 Kind people and ovens

So the other day I was pretty rapt about the whole interest free thing applicable to the kitchen appliances we would most likely be buying. Tonight we walked back into the large furniture/appliance store, to see the same lady who had helped us only days earlier.

As we got started getting into the business end, the nitty-gritty, paperwork side of the transaction, this lady had one call to make. I’d had a query about my oven (this oven will undoubtedly make its way into its own gratitude post in the near future) and she called the rep to find out. She was nodding and looking at me in an interesting way, and when she said to the person on the other end “she will be very happy to know that,” I sat down in anticipation.

We were informed that soon, there would be a massive drop in price on our luxury oven. The guy had told her that she could pretend to not know, and place the order that night; or she could tell us, and place the order from the promotion date so that we could reap the benefits of reduced price.

Our jaws kind of dropped as she told us the discount. She said she wanted to tell us, rather than keep it to herself, because we had come back to her as we’d promised, to place the order. (I’d also like to think that she’s a good person and she would tell anyone).

But we were rapt. We were grateful. This oven, was obviously meant to be. I was rapt I had had so many questions. I was rapt we had gone back to the lady. I was rapt she had passed on the valuable information.

And it all reaffirmed to me one very important thing: being rude in retail, regardless on what side you’re on, never pays. Being rude doesn’t get you what you want. You may think you get it, but really you don’t.

But being nice, andĀ genuine, and friendly… well the world is your oyster, ain’t it?

Or your oven, either way.

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