#214 Reaffirming game

We had a great day today at a sweet little boy’s Christening. And trust me when I say, there were A LOT of kids.

All the better for baby girl. She drew and pasted and crafted beside them, ran beside them, yelled beside them, and then when the fairy entertainer came, she was definitely beside them.

And then the music came on. Dancing, spinning, laughing, clapping, jumping. And every so often, looking behind herself to where I was leaning against the wall beaming encouragement at her.

She’d clap – look back at me. Jump – look back at me. Act like a tiger – look back at me – before continuing with whatever game she was doing. Even Hubbie noticed and mentioned how she was doing something, and then checking if I was approving, okay with it… reaffirming her actions.

It was actually kind of sweet. Maybe she just wanted to see my response to dancing alongside a real-life fairy. That’s not something you see everyday, after all.

But I was grateful for the moment. Of seeing her interact beautifully alongside so many other kids; the passion with which she gave of herself to having the most fun possible; and the constant checking in of what ‘Mama’ thought.

I felt pretty privileged. It made me feel important, almost like I’m her Mum, or something…

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