#215 Jumping on the bed

It’s been a fucked up kind of day. I don’t say that lightly. Nor do I swear (online) lightly. (Offline I swear like a trooper).

It’s been a fucked up time. I don’t need to tell you that I’ve been sick, with one thing or another, for the past 2 weeks.

I don’t need to tell you, that there is much confusion and many uncertain elements up in the air in relation to our impending Sea change.

I don’t need to tell you, that we have to put new house visions on the backburner because very little is going to plan.

I don’t need to tell you, that I have 30+ flat-packed boxes and a whole house to pack.

I don’t need to tell you that baby girl has been trying today, despite me begging her to go easy on her sick Mum.

But I do need to tell you that, because the latter is what makes it all the more rewarding.

This isn’t that type of blog: it’s not a ranting blog, rather it’s a gratitude blog. But sometimes I just need to paint a picture. Despite many good things lately, there have also been many shit things. And feeling like crap day in and day out, and then having your child be difficult with you repeatedly… I haven’t had the best Mothering day, let me tell you.

But whenever I’m having a low day, I find that this whole project actually helps me to try and make it better, or try to find something worth being grateful for. Despite all the snotty noses, tears and tantrums (all ME), I had some really nice moments with baby girl today.

And one of them, was when we were jumping on my bed. There was nothing particularly striking or unusual about the crazy event: I mean, as the name suggests – we just went a bit psycho jumping and laughing about on the bed. Followed by a good deal of tickling, wrestling, squeals, leaps and jumps, and kisses and hugs.

But it was pretty awesome. And it made me think, that jumping on the bed is a bit of a cure for all the adult shit out there, stressing us out and making us go grey too early.

I’m grateful for it, and for baby girl who makes me feel like a kid when I really need it.


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