#219 Grand Final Holiday

Here in Victoria, we have recently been blessed with the addition of a new public holiday: AFL Grand Final Eve.

Because for the state that has footy running through their blood, who has every old man, young woman or child having to barrack for at least someone even if their heart isn’t in it (by Victorian default you MUST have a team) of course there should be a holiday to prepare for the mammoth intake of beer, sausage rolls, party pies and hot dogs to be consumed on Grand Final Day, often the last Saturday of September, but lately the first one of October, as is the case tomorrow.

A bit of hoo-ha has been brought up over the financial stress placed on small businesses because of this new public holiday. I get it, but… guys? Public holiday?

We get another public holiday!

The period between the Queens Birthday holiday at the start of June, to the Melbourne Cup weekend in November is a LONG one, so a holiday in the middle of it is not only adequate, but completely necessary.

So whether you spent your Grand Final Eve day off having coffee and cake, looking at beds, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house, having friends over for dinner (or all of the above as we did!), I hope, fellow Victorians, that your day off was a good one.

And in light of the mighty Pies not being in the final tomorrow, I am too with the rest of the state to proclaim: ‘Go Bulldogs!’

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