#220 The response

The reply we give when they ask us is so gratifying… I can’t even. Seriously, I can’t even.

Their faces are shocked at first. It takes time for their minds to register “you’re moving there?” Once they realise we are serious, they still need some time to process it all, so they ask questions, slowly, one after the other.





But my favourites are:

“Do you have anyone there?”


“Are you going there for work?”

NO and NO.

We are making a Sea change, not for anyone or anything, but rather for ourselves. We are doing it for us, for a change, because hey –

We only have one life. Why not live it and try to experience everything to the fullest while we’re here?

I love these questions, and I have such deep and fulfilling satisfaction when I answer in the negative to them.

I’m grateful that we can answer in this way. I’m grateful that answering this way, means that we are living our life the way we can, the way we want to, as only we can…


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