#224 Baby girl’s new bed

After much to-ing and fro-ing over what kind of ‘big girl’ bed to get for baby girl, I decided I had to go with my heart.

I’m all about storage you see, so when I was previewing kids beds online and reading about trundle/under-bed storage, I was excited. But also, I was really into the material-type, elegant/princess-looking headboards of other kids beds, which consequently and unfortunately for me had NO under-bed storage at all.

Storage, and ok bed, vs. no storage, and beautiful bed…

Tick tick tick.

We went to a variety of bed shops which just seemed to have the same kinds of kids beds, over and over and over again, just in a variety of sizes/colours/styles/materials. It was overwhelming. It was mind-boggling. I just wanted a nice bed, and none of the 523 we saw in the one Sunday made me go “ahhh, that’s the one.”

I remembered a bed I had seen online, and checked out whether it had a showroom – 1 and 2 – whether the showroom, if in existence, was based in our city.

Yes and yes. Sigh.

So today, I walked into said store, found said bed, and ordered said bed very confidently in about 20 minutes.

I love the bed. I would have no issues sleeping in her bed myself. Here is a sneak peek:


The bed, the bed. The rest of the pic is divine, but it’s just the bed we have… for now.

Tee hee hee.

Now we just need to get baby girl, who has only ever slept in her cot, to sleep in it…

I will take any suggestions, really.

But I am grateful that I was able to find a bed that I like for her, and that it exists in real life, and not just in my head.

Sometimes storage isn’t everything. Seeing beautiful things with your eyes, makes you happy, even if you don’t understand why…


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