#226 The keys

Today, I received these:


So many emotions have been had today. Sheer joy. Relief. Tiredness. Elation. Appreciation. Excitement. Wonder at the World.

Deep Heartfelt Gratitude.

Because although we now have the keys to our Sea change home, I am even more grateful for the things behind the home that really, truly matter: health, family and happiness. Those three important things, both prevalent and intact in our lives, are what really matters and what is making the obtainment of our special keys, that much sweeter.

They are the real keys to life. Every other key is just a bonus: whether it be a car key, house key, holiday key, or work key. Or any other key. All these keys are sweeter when you have your top 3 present in your life.

So, I’m rapt with the house keys. Of what they mean to us. And they mean so much more because I know how lucky we are to have, what we have…

I am expressing a profound sense of gratefulness today. I really am humbled.

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