#227 Meeting the locals

We went back tonight to the Bay Hotel, a place I wrote about in a Food Review after our visit to the Peninsula earlier this year… and also consequently, it was about a week or two after that beachside stay when we came home from our respective workplaces, turned to each other and said “why don’t we actually do this?”

Sea change.

We’ve been to the Bay Hotel a handful of times now, but as it is in a cosy beachside location, you start to talk to, and get friendly with the staff. We walked in tonight with the MIL, and it was lovely to be greeted warmly by two staff members there, one who remembered us very well, asking “have you moved yet?” and then later the boss-man walked in and shook Hubbie’s hand, looking over at the game baby girl was playing on my phone.

Not only did it make me feel all cosy inside, but I felt welcomed… not just by these people in the restaurant, but it felt representative of all that we will encounter, all that will cross our path, and all the wonderful adventures waiting for us at the beck and call of the Peninsula.

I gotta say, I’m loving the locals. They are awesome. Bring it on 🙂

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