#231 The great dentist

About how we have the best dentist and are appreciative of it, amidst a topsy-turvy day of moving plans and losing our shit…


We have a great dentist. End of story. Well not really. After Hubbie’s check-up today, he so kindly was happy to go out and speak to baby girl about how she shouldn’t suck her fingers, a bad habit we’ve been trying to break for a while.

She hid under the chair as soon as he came out. He’s all smiles, white coat, very friendly. But she knew what was up. She remained under my chair staring at him in fear, listening to him tell her what was right and what wasn’t, but was happy to open her mouth for him when I told her to show him her teeth. LOL.

This guy is the bomb. Not only did he say we could drop in once a month as a kind of maintenance to keep reminding her to not suck her fingers, but when we said we were moving away, FAR away, he was even happy to find us a good dentist where we are to make it more convenient for us not to travel so far to him!

“No, we’re happy with you!” (Don’t make us leave!)

This guy is the best. In an upside-down, waiting here, losing time, saying goodbye to neighbours, driving there and back again, losing-our-shit kinda day, this guy made us go: “what a great man.”

I’m grateful we have such an awesome dentist.

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