#232 This moment is perfect – no. 1

About how I found a truly beautiful moment to feel utterly grateful, taking the time to be thankful for the present, and not basing my happiness on “when this happens I’ll…”

Despite the fact I was snowed under when it happened. When appreciation dawns on you, take heed.


Insane crazy day. I was packing like I never packed before. My sister and Mum even joined in. Then they left, and I had to take baby girl to an appointment. Because that’s what you do the day before you move your life across town.

I jumped in the car. I was tired. But I was tense. Stressed. In a state of desperation and rush, my thoughts whirring at 200 kilometres an hour. Do this, do that, don’t forget that, I need to still do that, and on and on and on and on and ON. Baby girl was also tired, and I was willing her to make it through the appointment with very little hiccups.

Then. Something occurred to me. Despite everything that was going on, despite the crazy, the madness and the never-stop-moving that seems to always happen with us, I realised it was a perfect moment.

I looked back at baby girl in the car. We were happy. We were healthy. I had this beautiful baby girl in the car with me, and she was amazing. My baby girl. We were about to embark on a life-changing journey, and it was the fulfilment of a long-held dream that was COMING true. Baby girl was at a precious age, and would not be so dream-like and naïve for much longer.

This moment was beautiful.

My eyes actually welled up with tears at the realisation, and I took the moment to pause, and reflect. I was really grateful for that special ‘dawning’ moment, before the chaos set in again.

Be aware, and look for the good in everything. It is here.

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