#235 Main St festival

It was really quite appropriate that we should be given a massive welcome party by the town 2 days after moving here.

Some people would prefer to call our welcome party the Mornington Main Street Festival, but same thing.

It was wonderful. So fantastic to be part of a festive and lively atmosphere and know that this was our town. Iridescent bubbles blowing in every direction driven by over-excited toddlers with bubble guns; people walking down the blocked-off street holding plastic cups of beer/cider/champagne/wine/whatever; sights of festival food in every direction, from heaped-upon tacos, twisted potatoes on a stick, sky-high choc sprinkle tops, and seafood pita pockets to name a few; and the sounds of rowdy live music streaming down from various parts of the street, each hub with its personal host of groupies present bopping to the music.

As we neared our visit, we passed one live band doing awesome reggae, and I fell in love with the simple lyrics by this crew:


“Love is my religion.”

What a brilliant way to end our visit. Love is my religion, and I love what we’ve done with our lives.

You can’t get more grateful than that.

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