#238 West-facing bedroom

Still on the cold. For reasons I will explain another time, we currently don’t have gas, therefore we don’t have heating.

I was freezing ALL morning. If I can’t be comfortable in my own home, in my place of solitude, I get seriously shitty. One should be at their most physically content at home, and even though it’s still early days in our Sea change one, I have high expectations.

Even as we stepped out onto the Main Street, I would not remove my bomber, even with people wearing skirts and t-shirts around me. (In my defence, others were rugged up too – it was one of those chilly sunny days where people could interpret it as they will).

In the afternoon, I headed upstairs, and found our West-positioned bedroom beautifully warm. The slow lead up to sunset. Ahhh.


I know in Summer, this room will boil like a pot of hot pasta sauce. But I do love warmth, and heat, and really, I’d rather as many rooms in the house provide me with heat, because let’s face it, Summer is only around for 3 months, and then there’s the other 9 we need to deal with…

Warm bedroom. Ahhh.

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