#239 Her bed is complete

Even though it is, it was actually more intimidating for her to sleep on her Dora the Explorer-sheeted bed tonight, surrounded by her stuffed animals, than it was to sleep the last week on her old mattress on the floor.


I know these things take time, and not only is baby girl in a new bedroom, in a new house, in a new suburb, but we’ve now upgraded her from her cot, to a king single bed for goodness sakes.

She walked out of her room 3 times tonight, after repeated attempts to get her asleep. I know I’ll get a middle-of-the-night visit like I have been getting the past week, but still… I’m grateful.

I’m glad her room doesn’t look like a mess anymore. I’m glad we’re moving forward and she’s progressing to a big kid bed. I know the transition will be difficult for all, yet still, I am happy.

And I know by experience, these things get better, since the hard times don’t last forever…

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