#241 Impromptu sleepover

These kinds of days are just the best. You start off with a fairly definite vision of where you think you’ll end up by the end of it, and soon the days end comes and BANG! Not at all what you expected.

So was today. Is today, as I type this on my mobile, in my makeshift pjs of singlet-under-top and jocks, on a spare mattress on my sister’s living room floor with a deeply-breathing baby girl asleep beside me, the sounds of hubbie and bro-in-law whispering loudly coming from the kitchen.

Yes, not at all expected, but certainly welcomed. When you’ve had a shitty few days, you happily take in any impromptu moments that

a) lighten life’s load

b) take your mind off stressful things

c) make life easier, and

d) make the times more exciting.

I’m grateful to share in these moments with my dearest, and also that I have an amazing sis and bro-in-law to take in this scallywag family of mine.

And the icing on the cake was my sister lying beside baby girl on the mattress just a little earlier, reciting a tried and true children’s bedtime book, and witnessing the beautiful interaction between the two: love, respect, and awe. Baby girl looks at my sister the way I used to as I child.

The way I still look at her.

By the way, the book is Goodnight Moon.

And on that note, goodnight world. From my side of the world, to yours.




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