#242 D&M with Hubbie

It may strike some as unusual that I’m having a bad time at the moment.

But then, if you know that we’ve recently moved house, it may not come as such a surprise.

Everything is off-centre, backwards, outdated, trying, and so ridiculously wrong that it is almost laughable. I feel like Mr Bean and someone up there is laughing their arse off at my expense.

No gas, means no heater. This coincided with some of the coldest days over the weekend, and I was terrified for some moments thinking we had Sea changed to the coldest part of the state, until I discovered that fam and friends on the other side of the city were too, miserably unhappy with the weather.

I got rained on 3 times in 2 days. The last time I got rained on was 4 years ago. And when it happened this weekend, I couldn’t even dry off properly. Heater issue, above.

I’m feeling isolated. Family and friends are not around.

Boxes are everywhere. Not having my shit together is keeping me restless and scatterbrained.

I haven’t slept properly in 2 weeks. Lack of sleep due to packing before the move, and now here, lack of sleep due to baby girl waking in the middle of the night because of the new house.

Everything is getting to me. Everything was getting to me. I had a few sorry moments this afternoon… and as down as I was feeling, after I spoke to hubbie and purged all my worries and stresses onto him, I slowly, eventually came to turn around.

The power of someone who has your back, is enormous. I am so grateful to him for his listening ears, helpful heart, searching eyes and loving soul. He did not give up until he made sure, I wasn’t going to.

It’s a tough time of life at the moment. We are settling. Things are up in the air. Things aren’t working the way they should. We are out of our comfort zone.

But, I know that. I knew that, before all this happened. I just didn’t think it would be so hard.

But, as long as I’m out of my comfort zone with hubbie and baby girl, things are good.

Following our D&M, I’m looking up again.

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