#247 Our first walk

Before we moved I said the following to hubbie:

“On our first day there, after the movers have left, we are dropping everything and walking to the beach!”

Well, we moved. And as we sat on our front steps watching the sunset, the movers driving off at 7pm, we stood up and went inside to wait for the pizza to arrive, and pray for the electricity to be switched on soon.

Day by day passed. Stresses and unpacking and horrible weather.

Today marks 2 weeks from moving day. I’m under the weather, but when hubbie got home from work and asked “are we taking that walk?” I got my jacket. I couldn’t say no.

Baby girl was rapt. “Deach!” she kept exclaiming, as we swung her in the air between us. And when we got there, well, this:


Apologies for the constant coastlines. Well, not really. They are stunning. I will never tire of taking them. Each one has a unique beauty about them, even if taken from the same location, every single day.

Just as every path, even if on the same route, holds different treasures, every single time.

And now that we’ve had our first walk, I look forward to uncovering all the jewels of every future stroll…



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