#250 Halloween meet ‘n’ greet

I hung the ghoulish ‘welcome’ sign with eerie purple glow from our front door knob.

I planted two big metallic pink/black spiders on our windy path.

I stretched out some white cobweb along the side row of bushes in our front yard, inserting miniature spiders amongst the webbing.

Baby girl clapped with glee.

Inside, I told her to close her eyes while I got something from upstairs. She stood obediently with one squinty eye closed, the other peering at me half open.

When she saw the yellow Wiggles Emma costume: “Yay!”

I poured 4 mini packets of chocolates into a giant tub.

Ready, set and go.

I had always been ready come Halloween time – with chocolate that is. But when I realised a month ago we’d be in our new house by then, I hatched a plan.

Decorate the front yard; reel the kids in; meet the neighbours.

We got 4 groups through tonight. In Australia, for us, it was a success. And my plan did work, because a neighbour did knock on our door.

Baby girl got dressed up, subsequently freaked at some of the horrific face paint on show, and I did one of the things I loved doing most: getting into the spirit of things, accessing my childhood, and promoting fun to baby girl.

And all while meeting and greeting in our new house.

Two birds with one stone. Too good.



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