#251 Finally, a morning pause

Because we have Sea changed, we don’t have the old convenience of the MIL looking after baby girl while Hubbie and I work… this means that currently, we are on opposite shifts. When he is at home I am working… when I am at home he is working.

We knew what we were in for. We knew that in the short-term, it would be HARD. But until you live something yourself, you don’t really understand the depth of what you are getting into.

I was getting seriously down and depressed. I was unmotivated and gloomy on everything to do with life. Here we were in our dream Sea change location, and yet we couldn’t even spend time together like we had planned… we had moved for a lifestyle and just generally life change, and yet we weren’t even enjoying our new life together.

Hubbie too grew frustrated, and our joint frustrations mean we have now hatched a plan. It’s still in its early stages, but it might mean we get at least one full day off together a week – YAY!

However today, before I went off to my late, LATE shift at work, we were actually able to spend a morning together since Hubbie had the day off, it being Cup Day and all, and discovered what we suspect will be a favourite brunch/coffee/whatever spot in this amazing part of the world…



And I am so grateful for this momentary pause in what was becoming a really monotonous and sad routine. I’m glad we spent some time together with our beautiful girl, and I’m glad that it marks the start of a new beginning, of time better spent, of intentions to make it the greatest Summer yet…


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