#253 Finally… ducted heating.

My precious.

There are actually quite a few things that I’m fortunately feeling grateful for at this still-kinda-early-into-the-day hour of 5pm. However, with one expression of gratefulness being the avenue of relief, my profound sense of relieve-ment comes from the fact that we now have ducted heating.

Angels sing!

It comes coincidentally (there is no such thing) on a bright and beautiful Spring day where I took a very pleasing walk to the park and beach with baby girl, the kind of walk where the heat makes you wonder how you will ever get home through the tiredness and unrelenting heat haze.

Still. This morning as it was confirmed the heater was A, OK, and the gas man went on his merry way to make more people who were gas-miserable like me happy, although the morning showed small sneak peeks of sparkling Spring  ahead, I ignored the sunshine and left the ducted heating on, much longer than it was even necessary.

Just because. Because I can. And because walking from room to room and being in comfortable warmness, is such a pleasant reality compared to the biting and stark cold days that I’ve spent walking through our house the last few weeks.

Ahhh. I am rapt.


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