#255 Two faces of peace

And sometimes as I gaze at them, I wonder how it would be like if it were 3 faces, and I smile.

Tonight, like many other Saturday nights that end up in us driving home a tad too late, I observed as one member of the clan, soon followed the other into sleep-dom. Hubbie beside me, his head leaning to the right in my direction; and baby girl directly behind him, a little princess image of perfect mirrored reflection, also leaning to the right, both their eyes peaceful and unlined.

In this moment when I see them like this, I feel a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment even. Even if it has followed a tense disagreement or clashing of heads only 30 minutes earlier, as I stare at them like this I think how nice they look when they aren’t talking.

And then I miss them talking.

But, this image of peacefulness, makes me happy. Because it is MY image of peacefulness, no one but me sees this picture, except for my eyes. And that makes me grateful.

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