#256 Thoughtful walk

Excuse me as temporarily (I hope anyway) my posts turn frustrating and impatient as I enter into a very unknown, difficult and trying time of life.

I came home from work today and just needed a walk. I didn’t need much. I just needed to get out into the fresh air, be away from uncomfortable office chairs and computer screens, hold baby girl’s hands between ours, and just go.

And although most of the walk was spent pondering, complaining, and chin-tapping, it still did me good.

I think this stage of life I just have to be uncomfortable. It’s a place that I’m not used to: I am literally out of my comfort and happiness zone in many physical, emotional and mental aspects. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in another’s life. But I think I just need to be, and feel this discomfort… and then I’ll learn what I have to from all of this and damn well move on.

So let’s steep in this shit. And then let’s move on please.

See? The walk has given me clarity.

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