#258 Online shopping

A man should never leave his personal credit card with his wife.

Conversely, a woman should never take advantage of her husband’s credit card.

I just spent $190 in 15 minutes. And most of it was on coasters for goodness sake.

But ahh, the beauty and convenience of online shopping. I have been longing for a certain type of coaster for a while now, but tried to delay the purchase and subsequent spending of $$$ until we had moved. Today, with the sun shining out and fuelled by my good friend coffee, I went on a bit of a random shopping spree. One of my chosen items coincidentally tells me that coffee is what you do BEFORE you do any shopping, well ANY THING for that matter:


See? I must be on track. But seriously. I also got a Wiggles bed spread for baby girl:


Ahh the things you do, I couldn’t leave my princess out. And before you think I am an evil, evil woman parting with money unbeknownst to Hubbie, I assure you I will tell him tonight after he’s had his second alcoholic drink and his tummy is full. Oh, also, coincidentally, I also bought this:


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