#259 Disappointment in Dashed Dreams

Well, they may only be dashed for about 6 months, give or take. Let’s be honest, give or GIVE.

Because that’s the way it is right now. Give give GIVE. Everything is freaking frustrating. I know it’s just the kitchen, but it is THE KITCHEN, the heart and soul of the Home. And to know that we need to wait a whole lot longer because, $$$ is required, more than we realised, to reno it, it’s the ultimate very expensive straw on our backs.

Bad enough our kitchen here, is actually more limited in space than our previous one. There at least, I had my other stash of kitchen items thrown into the spare ‘bullshit’ room upstairs. Here: no such bullshit room, since I wanna start on a good note. We are filling things up. Each room has its own pile of shit/stuff. The kitchen is for kitchen things.

And this kitchen can’t fit all my kitchen things.

When I thought all I had to wait for was January to get moving on with this transformation, I was like ‘cool. I can wait, just a little more, just a little more.’

Ignore the ancient oven. Ignore the electric cooktop that looks more 1950s than 80s, with one broken hotplate. Ignore the fact that I don’t know where the hell most of my crap is because soon, I will have a new kitchen.

Just ignore it all.

But tonight, after one more quote for the kitchen, I couldn’t avoid the price any longer. And soon was no longer a fact. With the realisation that my dream kitchen was being snatched further away from me yet again, I grew increasingly disappointed.

Disappointed with dashed dreams.

And crazily, I was soon grateful for it.

Because if it wasn’t for my disappointment, I wouldn’t have ripped insanely into the unpacked boxes that have made themselves home in one corner of our kitchen for a good few weeks. If I wasn’t disappointed, they would have gone on there, a few more days, maybe even a few more weeks, gathering dust, becoming even more of a nuisance to walk around/trip over.

But I got pissed off. Seriously pissed off at my delayed dream kitchen. And I decided if I wasn’t going to have my dream kitchen sooner rather than later, I sure as hell was not going to let these damn boxes take over my kitchen while I could have my shit out of them.

I didn’t unpack them all. But I made amazing progress, and I think I’ll get through the rest, with some heavy lifting from Hubbie to shove them into place somewhere, in the next couple of days.

So, being pissed, gave me ammo. If you can channel any negative emotion into something positive, well I guess you’re doing it right. I’m still pissed, but I have less boxes around, and that makes me… cool about it.

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