#260 Letter from bestie

Still shitty. But when I came home frustrated, poking my sad face into the mailbox, I saw a familiar flowery-printed letter, and subsequently familiar writing on that letter.

About 2 hours later I took the letter from my bestie and plonked myself on the carpet in our Rumpus room – because we have no proper furniture there yet – with a cappuccino and a peanut butter and chocolate chip protein ball, and proceeded to read, smile and unwind my worries through the written words of one of my closest friends.


We started this letter-writing business through the old-fashioned hand, can you believe, earlier this year, between the group of us original school friends. There are 6 of us, and some are more fluent in their letter-writing than others. I haven’t been so present in the artform, but now that we’ve moved I will definitely stay on top of it.

You know how sometimes, you’re just having a really shit day/days, and it’s like someone calls you or you get contacted by them somehow, as if through divine intervention?

Yep. Today. So I’m grateful.

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