#263 Hopefully local

As soon as we discovered the café about a 5-10 minute walk from our house, we were hopefully optimistic.

I mean, we had always longed to move to somewhere where we could leisurely walk through back streets to a quaint little café where the owners knew our names and we could say “we’ll have the usual Dave,” and then we’d laugh and talk about the crazy Melbourne weather, plonking ourselves in our regular spot while talking about how damn lucky we were to have amazingly accessible coffee that close to home.

Well. We saw this place and decided we had to try it out, together, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

That was the problem though, you see. Because we were working on opposite shifts, we had NO TIME TOGETHER.

However, we’re now in the process of trialling something new out, and so far, it’s worked. Hubbie’s Mum stayed with us one day this week to watch baby girl while Hubbie and I worked, meaning we got one day off together: today.

It was cloudy, overcast, and rain threatening to spill at any moment, but this morning we rugged up in our jackets, and due to the weather, took the car instead. To the hopefully local.

And it was great. The food was pretty good for a corner back street café, it was intimate, the staff were friendly, and the coffee? Most importantly… it was fantastic. Very strong, yet very smooth, something I find a difficult combo to combine, and yet here it was done brilliantly.

Ahhh. Hopefully local? I think, definite local.



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