#264 Multiple kisses

I’ve had a pretty good day. And yet like other days, I couldn’t find a standout moment of gratitude for my day until just an hour ago.

I was going through the usual routine of putting baby girl to bed, where I read 3-6 books to her (tonight, 5) and then offer her sips of water, where she takes some, declines, and then decides she wants more after I’ve taken it away.

3 is a FUN age.

Anyway, we are up to the reading part, and she leans over on one page to give a ‘hug’ to a favourite character of hers. She holds the book as well as she can, leaning in each time to each image of this character, so for this 2-page spread it was 3 times. And then she proceeded to lean in, and give one of her delicious lip-smacking kisses to the 3 images too: smack! smack! smack!

I’m sitting there beside her smiling, thinking what a beautiful soul she has, despite her ability to frustrate me up the wall so much lately. Like I said, the terrible thrilling 3s.

But as she is lip-smacking away, I remember all the kisses she gave Hubbie before he went to bed. Although I’m with her most of the day, I feel like I often miss out on these fun lovey-dovey parts, because I’m the one having to get tough and say “enough playing! Lie down!” when she decides she wants to read through the whole library of books, or she suddenly wants to jump on her bed. I miss out on the fun, because by the time she is actually lying IN bed, I am over it, exhausted, and just want to get out of there and get some ‘me’ time.

So thinking all this I ask “can Mummy get a kiss?” She looks at me, thinking, and I know the game she’s playing. She waits until I have given up hope on a kiss, and then will make a grunt to show me it’s coming or something. So I tell her how nice it is that Daddy gets kisses, and I’m sad that I get none… sniff sniff… oh well…


She smacks her lips together, as a signal that yes, I will get a kiss 🙂

And so she proceeds: smack! the cheek. smack! the other cheek. smack! the nose. smack! the forehead. smack! the head. smack! the eye. smack! the other eye.

I am loving it! And so is she, looking around my face grinning, wondering where else she will kiss me.

I ask for a hug, and then I hear smack! on my shoulder.

LOL. Oh man. How lucky am I? These moments are pure gold. I am so grateful.

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