#265 I’m bringing baking back… YEAH

It’s been a good day, even though we stayed home… half imposed upon, half because I needed it. I decided to do something with baby girl after lunch, both to excite us a little and also because like the above, I needed it.


If there is a blogger out there who continually and repetitively posts pics of the same dishes they make, over and over, well let me know. Kindred spirit. These baked cinnamon doughnuts with Nutella filling are super easy, which is why it’s so fun to bake them again and again. And they’re great to make with a little one who possesses curious fingers, curious eyes, and a curious mind (or in other words, an impatient and sweet-toothed toddler!)

But I also had to make them, to prove a point to myself. I recently crammed all the kitchen items that were worthiest and used most by me, into this old 80s-style kitchen in our new home. I was feeling down when I still had all my kitchen stuff packed in boxes and shoved to one corner of the room, and then when I found out our kitchen reno may be further away than we thought, I was shattered. I felt out of control. I couldn’t cook how I liked, my stuff was everywhere, and now I felt like it was going to remain that way for months to come.

But then I firmly took matters into my own hands. I unpacked what I could, and in doing so regained control. And though its not an everyday task for me, I took out my most used baking instruments, therefore assuring myself that I COULD do, and bake, whatever I liked, whenever I liked.

It was this small yet large action that helped me. And the icing on the cake? Actual baking. Today.

Baby girl couldn’t contain her excitement, with those cheeky fingers getting into the mixing bowl a few too many times. It was great. I did it for her, I did it for me, and I did it for us. And knowing there will be many more cakes and muffins and doughnuts makes me excited that I have control of my life back and things will be getting better. Sooner than we even know it 🙂

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