#273 Declarations of love no.2

It’s the little things that are the big things. And so as I came home from work tonight past midnight, I found Hubbie yet again asleep on the couch, waiting for me. And it made me feel very loved and wanted.

The first time he did it I wasn’t expecting it at all. His work starts are early, now even more so that he’s doing the big commute across the city from our Sea change destination. So when I crept into the house on that first post-midnight arrival, to hear movement from downstairs, I was a bit apprehensive. Then to find that he had been sleeping on the couch nearby, faithfully waiting for me, struck me hard. His sleep is precious, and he works long days.

It didn’t matter one smidge that he immediately got up and went to bed after giving me a quick peck. It was the waiting that counted. He later joked that he was like a devoted dog waiting at the door for its owner to come home.

I found that both incredibly funny, yet incredibly sweet.

Tonight, again. I found him there. Through a sleepy haze he smiled at me before we whispered a few things and then he was off. But I am grateful. Grateful to have him in my life, and grateful that he waits for me… I think to have someone wait for you, shows an intensity of love that cannot be questioned. It just is, true and pure in the action itself.

It’s a prized and precious thing, to have someone wait for you.

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