#274 Allure-d by coffee in yoghurt

This, is the shit.


Not too long ago while grocery shopping, I made the most interesting discovery.

Coffee, in yoghurt. Coffee yoghurt. This I had to try.

And I did. And I loved it. Love it. Put simply, it is really yummy, while still giving you that little bit of caffeine kick.

Dairy, and coffee? Why… someone is after my heart aren’t they?

Bloggers, I ask you is there any kind of coffee-food/drink hybrid that you’ve discovered and fallen in love with? I also have heard about coffee facial scrubs which I must try, and even, I think I’ve heard mention of coffee baths!

Why, I never… I don’t know what to take of that. I mean, part of me wants to try it, but the other half feels horribly guilty for wasting perfectly good coffee, just to bathe in it…

For now, it’s all about gratitude for the yoghurt. Coffee yoghurt. Allure. If anyone knows of anything equally as good or better, please let me know…


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