#275 Busy days

There was no particular thing that struck me about why I was in such a good mood today. The underlying unifying factor though, was that I didn’t stop moving.

Busy busy busy.

Baby girl had an appointment. Then I had an appointment. Driving, more driving. Rush home so air con guy gives us a quote. Back in the car, fill it up with petrol. Quick stop at the shops. Back home, clean, cook, eat, clean up again.

Busy busy busy. Didn’t stop, and if it weren’t for the 2 hours I was on my butt at the hairdresser’s, I’d be even MORE buggered now than what I currently am.

Busy busy busy. Nothing in particular, nothing extra spesh about the day. But just the movement, the constancy, the fact of having to always have something to do, confirms for me yet again, that I am at my best when I am busiest. And today I didn’t stop.

Moving makes me happy, and of course, that is something to be grateful for 🙂


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