#276 That reaction, and fireworks

It became a bit of a rushed, bull-crap kinda night after all of the longing and counting down for the day to come.

As soon as I saw the huge billboards on the freeway promoting the Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights, I knew we just HAD to go. I love Christmas. Baby girl loves Christmas. Well she loves presents, and Santa, and trees, and brightly-coloured things, so same same as far as she’s concerned. It was on our side of town too, so it just made perfect sense.

I counted down, for about a month.

Then, a last-minute additional plan meant we couldn’t spend as much time at the Festival as I had originally hoped. Suddenly we were somewhere else for a couple of hours, leaving my dreams of a Festival of Fun, dashed, and long behind me. In its place, walking, starvation, queues, and just plain indecision. We came later, we were hungry, we were rushed and looking for where best to go in very little time, and after some twisted potatoes on a stick (best new festival creation EVER), watching some fairies on stilts, and a quick ride on the teacups, it was time to view the lighting of the Christmas tree and then –


It wasn’t her first fireworks viewing. But tonight they were closer, so they were brighter, louder, and being older, she just gets more. I prepped her beforehand, telling her there would be big bangs in the sky followed by pretty coloured light…


Her face, was priceless. Serious, awe-like… and then tears.

Only for a second! The intensity of the fireworks, both in noise, and just the fact of their sudden ‘being,’ got to her momentarily, and we quickly soothed her by assuring her it was ok, before we oohed and ahhed and then decided best we leave immediately.

I know it wasn’t the night I expected it to be (don’t you hate it when you’re looking forward to something and it all goes horribly awry?) but when I saw that ‘oh’ shaped face of shock, surprise, wonder…

It made it all worth it.

Here’s us on the teacup ride:


Happy weekend folks 🙂

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