#277 The start of Christmas shopping

I’ve been stressing lately over how I am going to get anything done for Christmas – traditional baking, present buying, and just general decoration and festive prep, when baby girl is currently disallowing me from entering any shops that don’t comply with her standards. Unless there is a Dora the Explorer in the shop, that puts any store without one of her fave characters on the ‘naughty’ list.

She downright refuses. She screams. She even throws herself down on the ground. She will not enter, and if I do, she makes it very difficult for me to do any kind of shopping. It’s made me very tense and anxious at what is meant to be a very happy time of the year for me. I love Christmas.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when earlier this evening I realised while we were down at the bottle shop, (getting some beer and cider top-ups) that I could buy some presents while there, for Christmas. They had great hamper-style packages, and I mean who doesn’t like a free glass with their favourite coffee-liqueur beverage?!

I had Hubbie, baby girl was sitting on the bottom of the trolley using it as a free ride, and I went around quickly grabbing things and using the awesome opportunity to just do as much as I could. I got 5 gifts for some of our friends, and I left feeling so relieved.

Maybe I’ll get there after all.

3 days before the start of December and things ain’t looking too shabby…

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