#281 Lit up with applause

So today, decorating the tree, AND the house. It was a lot of fun, and we were both tired at the end.

Tired, but happy with the result:)

I actually lived out a cheesy commercial in the act of it. Like, we were that Mother and Daughter that you see in the ads, the Mother leaning over her Daughter and holding her, helping her to attach a bauble to the tree, before gazing down at her lovingly.

We actually DID that.

(Live out a TV commercial – TICK).

But the most pleasantly surprising moment came as I was threading the lights through the Christmas tree. And as I was adjusting them, trying to get the tiny lights through as many of the branches as possible, Baby girl started her applause.

Her face was all smiles, beaming at the tree, happy that I was doing it up so lovingly. I asked her for a hug, and then, I got a kiss too.

A lip-smacking kiss. “Smack!”

Oh man. Gold. :):):)


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