#282 Getting into the grit at the work Christmas party

So that night is over. For a moment there, I wasn’t sure if I should attend this year. Half of the team weren’t going to be there due to various reasons, and most of the ones that were going to be there, I didn’t feel as close to them as I did with the others.

However, that ended up being ok.

I feel like with the removal of my ‘go-to’ work colleagues, I was able to actually spend some quality time** with these other fantastic colleagues of mine, and in doing so feel like I’ve connected with them in a way that I probably wouldn’t have had the rest of the team been there.

It was actually a pretty good night!

If you’re tossing up whether to go to your own work Christmas party, I say DO IT. I’m all about showing up. Show up for the job, show up for the party, show up for life, show up for the Universe and tell it God damn you’re serious about being a writer. Just show up. I don’t like to say no to any kind of ‘thing’ I’m invited to, so I guess in line with one of my internal ways of being (have I just discovered another True Rule?) I showed up.

And it was great.

And in addition, you learn and are privy to some fantastic content.


“She has a long-term boyfriend but is sooo desperate here.”

“Did you hear how he cheated weeks after?”

“His Instagram is all blow-jobs and XXX…”

“He’s gay. Susan gay.”

“I love my girlfriend. She is hotter than my last one.”

A bit X-rated I know, but if you’re Christmas party is tamer than that.. well you need to get yourself a new job. That’s what the work Christmas party is after all.

I’m grateful I went, the new connections I made, and for the entertainment of the grit 😉


**Quality time meaning drinking, daggy-dancing when Mmm Bop comes on, gossiping, drinking, gasping in horror at regular intervals, drinking, “she said what?”/”he did what?” moments, laughing out loud often, MORE drinking, and just generally learning about all the weird and wacky of work life and beyond…**



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