#285 It’s the big/little things

It’s the big things for her, that are the little things for us.

But actually, they are the BIG things for us. Because by being big for her, they make her happy, and a happy child, usually always without question follows (and by hell yes we literally follow) a happy parent.

That Wiggles themed doona I purchased online for baby girl a while back? Yeah well that arrived a while back too. I saved taking it out and showing her, wanting to wait until I changed her bedding and sheets and all, before doing the whole ‘Ta Da!’ routine.

Because if she had seen it, there was NO WAY she would have let me wait.

That was made so apparent today. While she was in another room, I started to strip bare her bed, and pull out the pink-themed dancing Emma and Dorothy doona cover and pillow case.

I was about to start assembling when she walked in “Oh!”

Let’s just say, when I was all done with it, she jumped on her made up bed with sheer glee, and didn’t even let me put any of her stuffed toys from before, BACK on it. She indicated that only she were to lay in her bed.

Hours later, and she willingly went in her room for a nap.

Woah. Like I said. Initially a little thing for me, soon became a BIG thing.

I think if you, or anyone, starts to lose joy and pleasure and gratitude in the everyday little things, you lose that childlike sense of self that is so important to nurture, no matter what age you are.

I hope like her, I will always be grateful for the little things.


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