#287 A fleeting image of two

Sometimes it’s not a moment, or an event, a person, or a place, food item or beverage or even a feeling that can make you grateful.

It can be one fleeting solitary image, disappearing before your very eyes before you know it. Moving away at fast speed, and then in only seconds – gone. And done in a moment of ‘goodbye.’

That is what I am grateful for today.

It may be unusual to be grateful for the image of waving goodbye to your loved ones. But as I drove off to work today, doing the U-turn back onto the main road on which we live to head into the city, I passed our house… and there was baby girl and Hubbie, sitting on the concrete mailbox, and I could see their wide happy smiles, as they animatedly waved to me from side to side, squished together side by side.

I waved back just as crazily through the open car window, doing 70ks. I wasn’t happy to be leaving them, and I sure as hell would have preferred to be with them on today’s glorious sunny afternoon. But I was happy they were happy, and I much rather happiness on my departure, than the agony of dealing with tears… both baby girl’s OR Hubbie’s.


(By the way, he waited again 🙂 Off to bed now…)

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