#288 Bonding with my nephew

The phone rang. I went to look at the mobile screen, and paused. “It’s your phone,” I said to Hubbie. “My bro-in-law.” But then as I stared longer I realised the wallpaper was mine and not Hubbie’s, and quickly went to answer. Was this my sister calling from her hubbie’s phone because hers was flat or something?

“Hey Aunty SmikG.” My nephew’s voice came through.

“Hey,” I responded, temporarily forgetting the last reason he called me which was only a little while ago, and also, worried that something was wrong…

“So, you know how you told me there was a big twist in Season 3 Angel… well did you mean (the translation Wesley finds?)”


*My nephew actually said something different, but I don’t have it in me to write what he said, in fear that I will ruin it for Angel viewers, or even future Angel viewers, and even the writing of SPOILER ALERT is not enough for this huge a spoiler. So just take the above at face value.*


And then I smiled.

So then proceeded a pretty cool phone call where I talked all things Angel with my oldest, 14 year-old nephew. I felt pretty special, I mean he was calling me, and we were bonding over a pretty cool thing in itself, a love of mine I haven’t been able to properly divulge myself in for a LONG time. When I told him I would eventually get a TV in our rumpus room over here, where I would watch re-runs of Angel over and over again, he said he would join me.


And I added that we would get baby girl converted too, but I would just cover her eyes at any demon activity (i.e. 60% of the programme).

I had a really lovely convo with him, and I got off the phone immediately grateful. It felt so special to be bonding with him over a shared interest, not to mention the fact that he had started watching the show over a suggestion I made to him weeks ago now. I hoped that our shared interest would make way for more bonding sessions over many other things, and also hoped that he would come to see me not just as an Aunty, but a friend.

I was pondering all this, and having just heard from him that his Mum, my sister, was out with some friends, I had the inclination to pick up my phone again and message her ‘I was just talking to your son!’ I knew she would love it and also be madly curious. But then I stopped, as I saw the scene transpire before me. If I told her, she would come home later, and obviously would know our conversation before he got a chance to tell her. The fact that I had contacted her and told her of our convo, might tell him that there is nothing I don’t tell my sister. It might tell him that he can’t share things with me. It might tell him that it’s not worth bonding or spending time with me if I’m just going to tell-all and be another Mum-figure.

He didn’t need that. And I didn’t want that.

So I shut the scenario down in my mind and forgot about my phone. Sis will hear about it soon enough and she’ll happily call me tomorrow I’m sure 😉

But I am happy for this great bond that is developing. It makes me think of baby girl too, and the family she is in, and I am just happy and grateful all around.

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