#291 She comforts me

I was really upset. Crying made it better. Well, it was more sobbing, the kind of body-shaking, throat choked up, watery squinted eyes, high-pitched squeaks escaping from my lips type sobbing.

I hate to cry in front of her. Not because I think it shows weakness. No. I worry that she will worry too much about it, about me, and she is so young, so innocent and naïve about the world. It kills me to think it, but she will come across her own disappointments, letdowns and frustrations, to have to worry about mine now.

But baby girl climbed up on my lap. She grabbed my face and held it still, willing me to look her square in the eyes. Almost like a “hey! calm down, look at me” type action.

We met eyes. Mine were sad. Hers were curious and testing.

But within moments both our gazes matched. Happy. Relieved. Thankful.

I’m so grateful for what this inspiring girl brings to me on a tough day. She is little, yet no one else can turn my frown, upside down 😦 🙂

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