#301 Giving goodies – Gingerbread

I love to give. I also, love to receive. And I take such joy, in anticipating the happiness that people will feel when I give them something, sometimes unexpected, because in their shoes, I would be damn excited about free Gingerbread too.

It is so true, that the joy is in the giving. I guess it’s something you can’t explain unless you feel it. But I just love seeing the looks on people’s faces and seeing their happiness, walking away knowing that I made a somewhat little difference to their day. It may be only little, but it’s the little things that count.

Today I brought in my annual gingerbread bikkies to work, and took quiet pleasure in handing them out. I love gift giving. I love gift receiving! And I love this time of year.

Any excuse to be nice, and to give.

Hey, why don’t we just be nice and give ALL the time?

There’s an idea. !

Here’s to Gingerbread and goodies and good times ahead.


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