#302 Bedtime laughter

Once again, baby girl steals the show in the final hours of the night.

That little lioness of mine 😉

So, her bedtime routine now includes 1 book, not 4, or 5, as I’ve previously mentioned. It doesn’t interest her as much; or, it’s yet another phase. Either or, I’m not complaining. I know we will share many more reading moments together.

Also, she now has a little plastic battery-operated night-lamp, with ballerinas present on the shade. This comforts her in falling asleep, and keeps her soothed so if she were to wake in the middle of the night, she’d fall asleep again, rather than go in search of me at 4am.

But because the lamp is on for about 8-9 hours each night, I feel like the light has slightly faded. I’m actually quite impressed that I haven’t had to change the batteries yet. It’s been going on 2 weeks since we bought it I’m sure.

When we first got it, I was able to place it on baby girl’s toy chest beside me and read her books to her from the dim light that shone through. I know it must be fading though, because I can barely see the words on the pages, and instead I now use the little lamp as a kind of torch, waving it over the page to read the words as I go.

(Why not just put the light on, you ask? You clearly do not have a toddler. Toddlers don’t just have a 2nd wind before bedtime – their wind resembles something like a tornado. Getting a toddler to calm down for bedtime is a daily challenge, so having a bright light on during reading time when they are meant to be ‘winding down,’ is a big NO NO).

So I’m in bed with her, waving this lamp over the page. I’m wondering what time I am eventually gonna get out of there, while reading about the adventures of the Ninky Nonk and the Pinky Ponk  – (again, if you are not a parent and you didn’t know what I was talking about you would be forgiven for assuming I’m on crack) –

and then Iggle Piggle is there too and he’s about to go see where Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy are in the Night Garden (I know, I know)…

when the lamp slips from my hand and hits the page.

“Whoops!” I pick it up swiftly.

But baby girl has been set off like a firecracker.

She laughs this unyielding, adorable cackle, unable to contain her amusement. In that moment I could breathe loudly and she would find it hilarious. But even I smile a bit and laugh along, before pushing forward and telling her to turn the page.

But as I keep reading, a laugh escapes me, just too as it escapes her. We’re giggling and laughing, unable to forget the little, silly, ‘whoops’ and lamp-hitting-page activity that just transpired between us.

And suddenly, it’s like when you’re with friends. You know when someone does or says something, you both laugh, and then when you try to move on you can’t, because you keep remembering what made you laugh? And both your laughter keeps the other one laughing, and on and on it goes.

We totally were like that. Friends. Mum and Daughter. I don’t even know why it was so funny. It was a ‘you just had to be there’ moment. But it was gold. Her laugh was infectious, and as always, even though I was winding her down, I couldn’t help myself: I had to hear her laughter again.

2 pages later, and “whoops!” lamp ‘accidentally’ hits the page again. Sorry Upsy Daisy.


We laughed out loud, cackled, and truly, it was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Such a little moment, but such a lot of love.

It’s always the little moments. Because the little moments, fill your heart with a lot of love.



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