#311 She never gives up on me

A quick one post-midnight on Dec 31, but really important nonetheless. Because my amazing big sister, never, ever gives up on me, or us.

She is the kindest, most generous, fun-loving of souls, and is the most inspiring and positive person to be around. Always up for a laugh, good time, but also a person who you can bare your soul to and know that she will cherish and protect your deepest secrets, she is genuinely a one in a million.

However, she would give the Terminator a real run for his money.

Because she NEVER gives up.

When she thinks she knows better, or that you aren’t doing what you should be doing, or you’re passing up on an amazing offer (ahem, New Year’s at the marina) she will repeatedly, with the kindest of words, and the most gentlest of pressures, convince you in 100 different ways, with positive encouragement and happy affirmations, that really you should listen to her.

And she’s always right.

We nearly stayed home for New Year’s tonight. For a variety of reasons. But when she heard my initial plan, several messages and phone calls proceeded throughout the day to try and win me over and get us over to spend New Years with them.

And we did. And it was great.

I thought to myself, earlier today before the night started, how lucky I was.

I was so lucky to have someone that never gave up on me, no matter in which way it was. She wanted to spend time with me that much, and was so concerned about me having a great time, that she would throw herself into the task of convincing me repeatedly in different ways through a variety of means, until I saw the light.

Anyone else, and that would be annoying. But from my sister, all you feel is love.


Happy New Year All 🙂



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