#313 She loves them as I do

She saw my youngest nephew come in the room -she looked up in surprise, and then moved forward.

She came across my oldest nephew, and sidled up to him, in a casual and shy kind of side hug, grinning in happiness.

She was almost bouncing when she ran into my brother-in-law, crashing into him with overflowing glee.

And then when she saw my sister, she went in for a big hug, the one that is so precious to receive, so natural, so unprovoked, unasked and completely from the heart… especially when it’s from a toddler.

My sister and her fam came over to our place this evening. And although I know that baby girl loves them, when I saw her unspoken words, and her strong and loving actions towards them, the recognition of that love was pronounced, and so much stronger than one could express verbally.

Actions DO speak louder than words.


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