#315 Holiday time


I saw the above poster on holiday in Phillip Island many years ago, and photographed it, loving the sentiment and everything it encapsulated.

That short trip has been with me for many years now, and now that we’re somewhat closer to the area, I can’t wait to go back. It’s the place where my creative juices were flowing prior to the commencement of my first book, where I sat and read at the beach, pondered life, and started to create a small universe inside of my head.

Maybe that’s why the quote remains with me; or maybe it’s because it beautifully captures real life, while on holiday.

My personal definition of the quote is to live without routine, take things slowly, and live completely in the moment.

It’s what I said to Hubbie yesterday, but in our own personal terms: “Relax, you’re on holiday time now.”

If you’re not on an actual island, well holiday time will have to do. Same same. And today I’ve taken even more of a backseat as I sink deeper into holiday-mode.

All general stuff, nothing specific. Which makes it more of a holiday time, as everything has been inhabited by the holiday vibe, rather than one thing. You need to throw yourself into holiday time, you know, and really live it, not just apply it to one thing. I think I’ve done well today, by:

*Aimlessly shopping on whim

*Running through the cactus sprinkler with baby girl

*Coffee times two

*Ice cream, not because I wanted it, but because ‘why not?’

*Sipping on cider on the front porch as I stared at the water at 8pm, thinking I really should start preparing some food to eat

*Easy leftovers for lunch and dinner

*Putting my feet up after dinner, because, I never actually do it, AND

*Generally inhabiting a bit of a lazy tone.

Because I can. I’m on holidays, this is holiday time, and I will milk it for all its worth.



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