#324 Friday night Fun no. 1

It’s nice when a last-minute “let’s go shopping” suggestion turns into so much more.

We headed on over to Southland this evening, driving down the cruisy and beach-laden views through Nepean Highway, and even though we had planned on getting something quick to eat at the food court when we arrived, when we saw this sign


we got a little excited. It had been a while, so we had to go.

AND it was Friday.

Suddenly, a quick bite turned into an hour-long meal complete with great wine and bustling atmosphere. It was like a mini-city in there.

We thought we might get some time to, you know, actually shop, but then I saw this shop


And I got a little excited. I used to frequent the Lygon Street store many moons ago. It had been a LONG while.

Once our ice creams were set, we had to go to this place


because baby girl had seen a basketball game, and absolutely had to help Daddy shoot some hoops. So I ‘looked after’ the ice creams while he collected tickets, to win a prize for her that probably cost a buck but over there equated to $6 in change. But, for the fun of it.

By the time we left that place, the shops were closed! We sat on a bench nearby our exit, eating the remainder of our ice creams, before we headed home.

There had been no shopping, but everything else we did instead was damn fun.

Our spontaneous Friday night ended up pretty good:)


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