#325 Discovering Dromana

I’ve come to realise that impromptu drives often result in untold pleasures and delightful surprises.

A drive down to Dromana this afternoon so baby girl could sleep that little bit more in the car, where we then stopped to check out the fantastic fare on offer at the newly refurbished Ritchies IGA (trust me, you too will want to buy and eat everything with their cleverly presented gourmet food on display), led us to the blue waters that we could spy at so easily across the road.

A short hop, skip and a jump later, and we were sitting on a brick fence, overlooking the narrow section of sparkling clean white sand below, and viewing the expansive and choppy waters before us, the landscape stretching and winding around the stunning coastline on both sides.



We were happy with our find, the seagulls were pleased with the sudden company, and we were grateful to have just discovered another (kind of) hidden gem, a place we will definitely re-visit in the near future.


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